Insight to Ray’Elaine


Danger, danger, danger man

I fear myself

The most person I fear beside God is me

I am my own worst enemy

I am sometimes in my own way, I can be very evil

I say this because my soul, my mind, and mouth are ruthless’

I hurt people, purposely pushing them away, SO What

Dangerous, I cannot calm down, I see red, just blood

I be in beast mode, like all the time, ready to go

Fist up, ready to fight

Dangerous and lethal please proceed with caution

An insight to me, I know I am not the only do not hate me!! LOL

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I Am Enough

I Am Enough

I look in the mirror and I know that

I am enough

Strong, beautiful

Independent and vibrant

I am enough

Smart, amazing, fabulous, creative, and funny

No one can hold me down

I am enough

Even if you do not agree, even if you do not like me

I am enough

Standing tall, confident in me

I am me the lover, the fighter, the go getter, all business, the Queen

I am enough

I look in the mirror and know the person starring back is strong and she is enough


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This feeling again, UGH

This feeling again, damn maybe I just need to talk to this man and let my feeling be known. another damn night I am spending with him on my mind. It has been like this for days and do not know why. This man probably does not even think about me or care about me but here my stupid self is just in my feelings about him. Sometimes I think I should pickup the phone and call him to hear his voice, I really want him beside me, but oh well. Wish I can get him off my mind, like seriously. Thinking out loud and very emotional, man getting attached and getting your feelings involved sucks. Yes, I hate that I feel this way I feel like I cannot focus I just see him, I can not help it. I just wanted to let this out and I need to learn to keep my feelings in check. Damn, damn, damn this man, I think I am in love (OH MY). I am rambling, need help. What should I do?

Ugh this damn feeling again. Thank you for reading

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Just Me

She is still guarded because many thieves came in before broke her trust and held her mind hostage. She is still trying to break free.

She working on it. taking a while!

Saturday Joy!

When it is the little thigs that count and the little things people do to make you happy, your heart burst with joy

When you can make those close to you happy putting a smile on their face, your heart burst with joy

Being around family and enjoying each and feeling love, your heart burst with joy!

Sending love, positive vibes your way tonight, remember to love yourself and those around you.

Love, Peace, Happiness, Blessings

Thank You!

Have you ever felt this way?

Cannot get this man off my mind, damn every day I think of him. His looks, his smile, his voice, and his damn personality. We are a match. We have great chemistry, I can have a good conversation with him, he makes me laugh, and we also can be serious too. It is just something about him. I avoid talking to him because I have strong feelings and do not know how to show it or how to tell him (my scared ass, LOL). I am so guarded and been hurt too many damn times. But for real, I just do not know what to do. Then I worry about if he feels the same way. I do not want to put my feelings out there and he do not feel the same way I do. And that will constantly bother me. What if he does not respond or never talk to me again. I probably sound crazy, but it is how I am feeling and can not shake it. Right now, I want him next to me, us talking and vibing, I want his touch, his eyes on me. Then again, I do not want to look stupid and get hurt. My emotions are everywhere tonight, and I am dinking a little and it is making it worse. Maybe it is bedtime for me because my mind is going miles and I am so over this, maybe because I know the truth.  I guess it is what it is. Just my thoughts and feelings tonight. I really want him, like seriously, whatever. Thank you for reading.


Feeling of Life

Feeling of life

The feeling of being drained, too tired to focus, you just want peace

The feeling of sadness, always in a bad mood, nothing helps, you want happiness

The feeling of hopelessness, nowhere to turn, no one to call, you want something or someone

The feeling of guilt, its your fault, you blame yourself, you want innocence

The feeling of being lost, out in this world with no clue, with no purpose, you want help

Life turns around

The feeling of no more, you can do this

The feeling of being peaceful, happy, hopeful, no more guilt, your found

The feeling of power taking your life back and having control it is

The feeling of life.


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Pay Attention!

Pay attention!

Open your eyes, look around

Are you really paying attention?

Open your eyes, watch those who are close

Are you paying attention?

Open your eyes to how they treat you

Are you paying attention?

Open your eyes, your ears to what they speak of or about

Are you paying attention?

Open your eyes before it is too late

Pay attention and be alert, open them up!

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