All I want! For Christmas

All I want for Christmas is a vacation. A nice long vacation

Me, my notebook, and pen

No phone, no kids, no screaming and yelling, No interruptions

All I want for Christmas is to be alone and relax

Some wine, good music, a nice scenery is all I want

Writing and enjoying my alone time. I just want peace and quiet

All I want for Christmas is my sanity. Do not get me wrong I love my life, kids, and family, but just want to unwind for a couple of days

Me music, writing and get some much-needed rest sounds great

A nice man would be great too LOL

Being on a beach would be ideal, but yall know what is going on.

That is all I want for Christmas. My wishful thinking. What is on your Christmas list? Do you feel the need to get away at times? What is your dream vacation destination? Thank you for reading please feel free to like, comment and/or share

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You are not crazy

Thought I share

“You are not crazy the things that happened to you hurt. The things they said that broke your heart, it broke your heart. the abuse you endured by their hands and mouth, you endured it. You are not crazy, you lived through trauma, pain, and unbelievable hurt that has changed you forever. That makes you a fighter with a memoir of scars, a warrior birthed in the mess of life. What a brave soul you are”

Read it again!

Thank you


LOVE will help you get through some tough times. Love those around you, love those who are there for you. Do not take love for granted. Love is a beautiful thing. Love yourself that’s number one cause if you do not love you who will? Or how can you love anybody else? Love is on my mind and I say this cause it hits home I tend to push those who love me away and I have learned that is not a good thing to do and also been a person who loved someone who never loved me, so I know the emotions. Learned over time that love can conquer if you let it. Just my thoughts I know I am rambling.

Thanks for reading.


Drunken Me

Drunken me

Shot after shot, I feel the numbness take over my body, I want more, need to feel empty inside.

Feel free, free from those who lied, used, and abused me, free from pain, free from the world

Take another shot, it is all good

Feel the sensation, feel the burn

They all do not matter, drink the damn pain away

Take another shot, damn I feel it, I am slipping

But I do not give a damn

Give me more, few more shots taken, mind gone

Laid back not feeling shit, I feel numb, empty it is what I want

Free from it all or is it just a drunken daze

Do I want to stop? Do I need more?

Whispers…Whispers…. Drink it all away

Its okay be gone for the night

And another one…….

Thank you for reading




Self-love is loving yourself within

You are content with who you were, who you are, and who you will become

Selflove is being there for yourself and taking care of yourself

Making sure you have what you need and want, go for it

Selflove is knowing your worth, knowing your strength, your weakness

You will not settle for less, at all

Self-love is being at your best, being your best self, happy

You look great and you feel fantastic

You are ready to take on the world

Self-love is powerful, strong, caring, independent, worthy

Self-love is loving the skin you are in, beautiful

Self-love begins with self, with You, cherish yourself, love yourself

*Remember to love yourself through it all!*

Thank you for reading!


Wednesday Chill

This Wednesday is just a kick back day (Not really LOL). Finally off work and tired whew long day but it’s my writing night, I am just doing a little writing and editing. Working on two books is hard and challenging but I love it. Tonight is challenging because in one book I have two different endings and another idea popped up in my mind and I have been having a hard time deciding what ending to go with. I see its going to be a long night and hopefully by the end of the week I will have my mind made up. For now I will continue to edit and see where that takes me for the night. Wish me luck. #JustWrite #Passion


In Your Arms!

Your arms

Baby we are one

Laying in your arms is life

Laying in your arms without a care in the world

No one else matters, it is just us baby

Being with you makes my heart smile

Makes me feel hopeful, joyful, and happy

Laying in your arms starring in your eyes

I see love, our dreams, our world

Baby we are one

Our souls together forever, we got each other

Laying in your arms is all I want

I love being with you

Laying in your arms, I am me, my full self

My love, my heart, my soul, my mind is

Forever in your arms

Boundaries, like seriously

Boundaries, like seriously

Why is it hard for some people to respect boundaries that are set? Like for real. Be respectful of others and their feelings, is that hard to ask for? They need to understand that people set rules/boundaries for a reason. They are there to protect oneself. It annoys me that people can be so rude and disregard what you feel and want. I hate repeating myself about it and get easily irritated by it. Please respect me and my privacy that is all I ask because I am respectful to others. Just my thoughts! Thank you for reading.

Boundaries People


Me, Overthinker/Over analyzer

Me, Overthinker/Over analyzer

Why am I such an overthinker? I tend to second guess myself all the time and I take a long time to make a decision. I think about everything. My mind is constantly going and thinking of stuff weather it is good or bad. I also worry a lot and putting that with me overthinker and boom its chaotic and very overwhelming. I try to sit back and relax but I can admit that sometimes I am uptight and too much going on and to worry about. I have heard some people say that being an overthinker is a bad thing. What do you think? Are you like this? Every situation I come across I over think about it, and sometimes I feel bad about the decisions that I make. This is a trait of mine that I do not like, it can be annoying at times. Wow I really need to relax, take it a day at a time, anyways I am overthinking right now, that is just me.

Thank you for reading

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Christmas Shopping!

Christmas Shopping!

Hi, So I am doing some Christmas shopping and I thought I had it figured out but nope I do not lol. I thought I would find everything I need from decorations, food, and toys clothing, accessories and more . Some stores do not really have anything even when looking online. Does anyone have this same problem now? I think I should have started way early then I did. So now I am redoing some of my list and hopefully I can get the person something they like. That is the hard part about shopping for me, sometimes I feel I must get exactly what they want. Even though it is the thought that counts some people do not see it that way, so I try to get the things they want. I know other people would not care as long as they got a gift. Anyways I am ranting about to continue to look online and shop more and hopefully things will come together and I find what I want. Thanks for reading! #My thoughts #JUSTWRITE