Happy Wednesday!

Hope everyone is having a good day. Coming through to show love today stay safe, healthy and blessed. Have a great one yall!!!


Goals #JustWrite

Hello Happy Hump Day! Today I want to talk about goals. What do goals mean to you?  When I say goals, I mean all. Short term, long term, love goals, career goals, mental goals. I have been thinking lately and decided to change things and that mean my goals too.

My long-term goals needed a little tweaking have you ever felt like the goals you have can be better that is the feeling I have now some of them were out there, it is best to set goals that are attainable. It is best I make better life choices and decisions. Do you guys have career goals? I do, I want to be a great author who tell stories my readers will love and can relate to. I want to write in all genera you know try a little of this and try a little of that till I find what I am good at writing. What about love goals, I have heard there are people who set love goals for them self, now I have never done it and feel like it will be hard to do but to each is own. Have you guys heard of this or have you set love goals for yourself? Will you care to share them? Short term goals are goals I find a little easy to me they are my weekly and monthly goals which sometimes they are met. I say easy because they are not challenging. I think that setting goals keeps a person grounded goals remind you that you must stay focus. I think that by getting yourself together and setting goals for yourself that you know you manage, and work is great. It is always a good thing to reach higher once a goal is completed go on to the next or set more. Never stop trying to achieve them. We have goals for a reason. Thank you for reading, feel free to like, comment, and/or share. #JustWrite

Wednesday Night Chill


Wednesday Night Chill/Cooking

Hello people. This Wednesday night I am getting ready to cook my thanksgiving dinner. I got my music playlist ready, my drinks ready, and ready to get my cook on. It is a relaxing night so far and hanging with my kids. They are so ready for tomorrow and cannot wait to eat. I am also thinking of some new ideas for games to play with my family. My dinner is not that big I am making turkey, ham, dressing, sweet potatoes, greens, macaroni, apple pies, fruit salad, sugar cookies (the kids are making these), a couple cakes haven’t decide on what kind yet. What is on your menu? What is your favorite dish to cook or eat? Well thanks for reading, about to get to it have a few things to get done. Please feel free to like, comment, or share. Thanks! #WednesdayNight

Holiday Season


Holiday Season!

It is the holidays! Are you excited about it or not? I am and its very unusual for me because I am not always in a good mood around the holidays, no holiday spirit. For some reason despite what is going on in this world at this moment I feel joyful. I am ready to start decorating, cook, eat, spend time with family and friends, play fun games, and do holiday arts and crafts. Also, I am so ready to go Christmas shopping, I have so many great gift ideas for those close to me. I am ready to get the shopping done and out the way. What are your favorite things to do during the holiday season? The first for me is spending time with family, being around the ones you love and receiving love is the best feeling ever just to be around each other. Another thing for me is eating lol of course and this year I have been thinking about making new desserts. Any ideas? Any good recipes I should try? Pies been on my mind lately but do not know where to start, hopefully I figure it out soon. Help please! I am looking forward to having a great time. No negativity for me this holiday season. I want my kids, family, friends, and myself to be happy and enjoy ourselves. Hope you have a blessed and safe and healthy holiday this year filled with happiness, joy, and love. Thank you for reading.


Happy Monday!

I write when I am up when I am down. It is my passion and I like to sit and let the words flow. Today I hit a challenge because I have another book idea and I have been telling myself to just wait because I have stared two books already and nether is finished. I have the idea written down and can wait its I do not want to. Also was thinking putting one of the books I started on the back burner and go ahead with this new idea I have. I am stuck right and will have to continue to figure it out. Well that is what is on my mind. Going to do some more writing and some editing done tonight hopefully I meet my goal tonight. Have a great night and thanks for reading.

#Just Write


Christmas 2020!  Shopping!

Yes, it is still early November and I have already made a post about thanksgiving and me ready to cook and ready to eat. Now I am thinking about Christmas also, from decorations, seeing family and of course shopping for gifts. My kids been telling me what they want, and I am excited to shop. I have so many ideas for decorating the tree and my apartment. I also have good craft ideas and toy ideas for my kids, that I know they will love. I am on a couple of websites and trying to make sure I will get everyone on my list. Hopefully, I can find what I need and want, cannot forget about myself lol. Cannot wait till I see those big smiles on those faces that I love and care when they open gifts. Is there anybody else that has started Christmas shopping and getting ready to? Ready to shop and give back. Your thoughts please. Thanks for your time.


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Friday Night Thoughts!


There is so much going on in the world right now. I just want to unplug, go ghost. Three days still no president like what is going on, Well guess we just must wait on that and that freaking suck. That is one thing, another thing on my mind is for the last couple days I have been seeing these crazy videos on the internet. From police shootings, racism going no, bullying, family fights, some extreme videos I have seen, and it is sad. Then of course this pandemic, not to mention all the violence surrounding these young rappers is very scary. R.I.P to the rapper who lost his life today. I want to send prayers for those have lost loved ones, I pray for healing of this world. I pray the world become safer and we have the right people standing beside us. I feel like when will all the bad end. I know this post is not really what people will want to hear/ read, it is just my thoughts at the moment and can’t help but to write about it that’s how I express myself, and I also know I am not the only person worried (Hope Not). Wishing love, peace, happiness, strength and guidance, praying for things to work out for the better. My mind is wondering with all types of thoughts and feelings I will continue to pray and have faith and hope you do the same. Stay prayed up people and try to wake up every morning with a good and happy outlook on life. Again, just my thoughts #JustWrite thank you for reading.