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Good book, or good movie

Great wine or great cocktail, Great Food

Kids fed, had bath, Kids are asleep

Clean house

It is my me time

My fun, relaxed time

Cheers to me, it’s time to unwind!

And writing on my mind!


Thank you for reading.

Mood: Music and I!

Hello all how’s it going?

My mood right now is I should be in bed but the damn music is taking me places. Enjoying some old school R&B. Some smoke some drank. I am in a zone and don’t want out of it. I’m chilling and jamming having fun by my damn self lol. Tonight it’s just music and I she lost in it. I’m letting loose a little SO what.

How is your night? How was your weekend? Do you get lost in the music? Ready for Monday?

Anyway that is my night. Feeling good for now. Have a good one. 🖤❤️🧡💛💜🤎💙💚


Thank you for reading.