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An Escape


Do you have a place inside your mind that you escape to when so much is going on when you are stressed, a place you just want to be alone? A place you wish you can go to for real it can be any place you want it to be whether it is to a family or friend’s house, a library, a park, a different country, or state, wherever you want it to be, and be peaceful. Or is there a show or movie, or a game that helps keep your mind off the stresses of life?

That place for me inside my mind is a place that is calm and has great scenery like a waterfall, an aquarium, or the ocean where I can watch what happens underwater, the beauty of it all, and love the color of the ocean and watching the water. It brings me peace and I am also interested in learning about the several types of fish and other sea creatures. Watching it and learning at the same time is my escape. That is why I like watching tv shows based on the ocean and animal life. I have noticed that when I am watching those shows I get lost in them at that moment my mind is focused on learning new things, and it is fascinating. I also want to visit places with waterfalls they are so beautiful, and a scene one can get lost in. waterfalls are cool and I would love to visit some and take a lot of pictures of them.

When I am going through a lot it is music sometimes and other times it is my mind watching the ocean and thinking peaceful thoughts or thinking of animals in the sea. Might be weird to others but that is my escape. What is yours? Where does your mind take you? What place would you want to visit that has great scenery? Have you felt like you wanted to escape life?

I think some people need those places in their head/mind to make it through their day. Do you agree with that?

Blessing and Love!

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Taking Care of Yourself!!

Happy Friday!

Time for yourself!!!!

Hello everyone, today I want to talk about taking the time for yourself. It is especially important that you take care of yourself. If you are not all and well, you cannot completely be there for others. You must take care of your mind, body, and spirit. Your mental state is important to be alert, and know what is going on around you, to be aware of what you get yourself into. To feel happiness from within we all know that that is where it starts with you. Taking care of your body is also important. You have to stay on top of your health. Take your vitamins and any medication that you must take. It is important so you can be there for loved ones. Yes, I know that if you have a family, and a job juggling so many things is challenging, and you forget about yourself. Sometimes we lose ourselves to the ones around us because we must take care of them and do for them. It’s okay to stop for a minute and give yourself that same caring and loving self you give to others. Yes, it is hard to trust I know it took me a while to even start buying myself nice things I have in the past felt guilty for it because I have kids and felt that anything I buy should be for them. Now I have learned that I deserve things too, I work hard and want to play too lol. As for your spirit, I feel like you should try to avoid those who get under your skin and those who are negative towards you. You must have peace in your life and of course, it is not all roses and chocolates, but you must try. If you don’t take the necessary time to help yourself and be there for you, it can cause you to break down and be all over the place, sad, and hurt because of too much on your plate. It happened to me and I had to look back at all the wrong things I was doing and the way I was thinking and change it all. Change is hard but can be for the best.

People, please take the time for yourself. Even if you have a family to take care of it’s okay. Even if it is an hour a day relax and enjoy it, trust sometimes it helps. Remember to love yourself through it all. I have included an article I read about self-care, please check it out.

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Self-Care article: How to Take Time for Yourself and Restore Your Energy (lifehack.org)

T.O.L- 2P’s

Patient, Positive

Learning day by day to think and to be more positive and patient. I used to think that if I had an idea and start working on it that things will happen fast or what some will say happen overnight. I have to take my time with things to make sure it is done right. No rushing it, but my patience is not good. Lol, I get so anxious and then get angry. Instead of understanding that some things take time and patience is a virtue.

Glad that I grew up and now fully understand how patience and understanding can go a long way. Same with being positive at times I used to think the worse instead of having faith the situations will work out. To make it in life you have to grow and learn as you age.

Taking the necessary steps to learn new things and at the same time learning more about myself I say is making progress. So proud of myself I have come a long way. Though still an overthinker I am working on that next. One step at a time. One day at a time. You can overcome your past and certain situations. Think positive, have faith, have patience.

I am just thinking aloud. Thinking about how I used to be compared to now. I love the results and am happy to share even though I am kind of rambling lol. Progress, and still learning and growing. Love to all who support.

Love, Peace, Happiness, and Blessings

Thank you for reading.