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Edit Night

What a night

So, it is a writing and editing night and I already had a migraine when I started but wanted to get some work done, and this editing is making it worse LOL. Editing can be a pain sometimes, but it must be done. I feel like pulling out my hair. Yeah, time for bed was going to do some poetry tonight but I am too tired and a little emotional, so I am going to call it a night take a nice hot shower and hopefully find a good movie and hit the bed. Glad that I did get some stuff done and out the way and will continue tomorrow and hopefully I am in a better mood.

Still have a goal that I must reach for writing and I am on it. This night is not going to keep me down. I hate having migraines they seem to take over and it is annoying. Hope yall day was good and hope you have a good night. Keep working on your goals and dreams and have faith.

That is it for now, my face hurts. BEDTIME!!

Blessings everyone

Thank you for reading.

Monday Love!

Love Yourself!

People will hate you, rate you, shake you, and break you. But how strong you stand is what makes you!!!!!!!!!

Stay strong, and never let them see you sweat. Live for yourself and no one else. Sometimes all we got is ourselves. Be kind to you and your mind, body, and soul. Self-love! Faith, Strong

Blessings All Much Love

Thank you for reading.

Happy Monday!!!



Hold it in

Walk around with the hurt

Pain, and More Pain

Keep it inside


Hold it in

Sometimes wearing that

Fake smile

Keep it inside


Hold it in

Let it destroy you

Bury it

In your soul

In your heart

In your mind

Bury it deep


Keep it inside

Damn secrets

Hold it in

Be brave

Be quiet

Be scared

It is what they want

Keep it inside


Hold it in


Let it out

Scream it out

Keep it inside


Take your life back

Stand up

Hold it in


Keep it inside

I Will NOT


They will sometimes hold you back

Holding it in

Keeping it inside



Secrets become known

Damn secrets.

Thank you for reading.

***Just A POEM!***

Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts!

Ray’Elaine Just Write and Be YOU!!! 🖤🖤


You do not know what is out there

Your scared to take that step

Scared of rejection, embarrassment, failure

Scared of the unknown

You tell yourself I can do it

But doubt, and anxiety tells you otherwise

You are scared of what you might or might not become

Scared of what people will say or think about you

You procrastinate, put things on hold

Scared to put yourself out there

Scared to follow your dreams

Your scared of your own potential

Thank you for reading!

New Ideas

So lately I have been thinking about creating my own journals and notebooks. I have some designs and logos that I have ready. As well as new ideas for the notebooks. The problem is I seriously do not know where to start. I want to have journals and notebooks as well as pens to sell. I am clueless about how to get started. Been wanting to get into crafts and stationery that people will love, want to start a business.

Does anyone have any advice, tips on what direction to look? This is something I am very interested in and want to have a business that does well. A lot of thinking today told myself to be patient with this. What to do? HELP LOL

Any tips will help.

Blessings everyone

Thank you.


Sometimes you just must remind yourself that you will succeed, you will win. You will overcome obstacles that are in your way

Remind yourself to push hard every day and never give up. Keep pushing through it all, even if you must cry, scream, let it all out. Don’t give up

Sometimes we have to talk to our inner selves and give some pep talks. Let ourselves know that all will be okay. Say you are strong and willing. Say you believe in your dreams, Say you have faith.

Remind yourself that you have your own back.

Just a reminder to take of yourself! Self-Love, Self-Care is the best care!

A reminder!

Remember to love yourself and those around you.



Thank you for reading.

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