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I am a author I love to write/blog and be myself. I have so many great ideas can't wait to share!

Good Day

Have a great day try to relax and have a fun day. Enjoy the games. Enjoy those around you, be kind and have peace. Love and Blessings

Perfect ME

Perfect Me

I have to be the best

I have to remain strong, on my feet always

I have to be perfect

I will meet all goals

I will be an achiever

I will put my all in everything I do

I will be perfect

I can be at the top

I can be what others want, I can be what I want

I can be undefeated

I can be perfect

I do perfect

I am perfect

Perfect in this unperfect world

Thank you for reading

#JustWrite #PerfectMe

In the night

In the night!

In the night when all is still

I am up and my mind is awake

Racing with thoughts good and bad

In the night when its hard to sleep

In the night is when I write

Letting it all flow together

In the night, my heart is free, free to be me

In the night I see clear

In the night, my imagination is wild

In the night, my mind is wild

In the night I write freely, freely me

And it is Night! Time to write

Thanks for reading.

#InTheNight #JustWrite



I must sit back and look at the situation, figure out what my options are and make some decisions. I have a lot to figure out and fast. So many thoughts in my mind right now and sometimes I do not know what to do, it is hard dealing with certain situations when there are children involved. The decisions I make will affect them too. Anyways I must do what is best for me and my family and make sure that we will be okay, that is my priority.

On another note, I have to make the right decisions when it comes to my writing, my books. That is challenging because I have so many ideas and I want them all out. I need to learn that it is okay to work at a slow pace so that way it is done right, and I have good material for my readers. I do not want to rush my work and it is not good quality. This weekend I have to make my mind up on some things. Man, so many decisions need to be made. Ugh what to do? Thank you for reading.

#MyThoughts, #Decisions #JustWrite

Good Morning

Good Morning people happy it is Friday! Today is a little busy but nothing I cannot handle. Making a schedule for next week and my daily and weekend goals.  I am trying something new and will see how that goes. Hope you all have a good day. Sending love this Friday. Remember to love yourself and those around you. Love, Peace, Happiness, Blessings. Have a good day and thanks for reading.

My Thoughts

My Thoughts (Ugh)

I try my best to keep a clear head and positive thoughts but right now I just feel so low and alone. I feel like somethings will never I change, and I have to really accept that, and it is hard. Especially when you work your hardest to make things work out for the better. I just feel so lost right now and do not know what to do. This is so annoying the feeling of hopelessness.

Guess I will try to do some writing and hopefully that will get my mind off things for a while. It is kind of hectic at the moment. What do you do when you feel this way? What do you do to relieve stress? I will continue to pray for strength and guidance because I really need it right not. I will continue to love me through what is going on. Please pray for me. And forgive me for the rambling just sitting here thinking and wanted to share. Thank you for reading.




I am seeing red

Pacing back and forth

Fist are balled ready to fight

Rage inside of me

Crazy thoughts going through my mind

Pacing and yelling

I do not care, at all, at all, at all

Rage inside of me, its building

I see darkness, black

With the look of meanness, and a voice of fire

Damn all this rage inside of me


Thank you for reading


Yay Thursday

It is Thursday

Hello people yay it is Thursday closer to the weekend. Yes yes yes. I am feeling a little better them migraines can keep you down, whew. Having a good day so far thinking about what to do after work. Thinking about do some reading so I will be looking up some books to read. Any suggestions? Of course I will get some writing done later tonight, hope you all are having a good day. Have a good one people. Sending love your way. Thanks for reading.